Outerworld Arcade
Video Five

Video Five Game Variations


The Games:

Tennis / Match
This is a pong clone. One quarter for a two-paddle game (two-player).  Two quarters for a four-paddle game (two to four players).  First player to reach 12 points wins.  Ball starts out slowly and speeds up over time until a final constant fast speed is reached.

Hockey / Pro Match
Same as Tennis but each player controls three stacked paddles.  The paddles are moved as a group.

Magic Squares (2 - 4 player version) / Wipe Out
One quarter for a two-paddle game (two-player).  Two quarters for a four-paddle game (two to four players). An early “breakout” style game where the aqares cover the screen and the ball clears them when touched.  Unlike breakout the ball doesn't bounce back when it hits one of the squares.  Haven’t seen this game anywhere else before and it’s fun – what usually gets played on my machine. 

This is a cooperative game where the players work together to keep the ball in play and clear as many of the “magic squares” from the screen as they can.  Six serves are given and the squares are reset before each serve.  10 points per square are given to a combined score. Forty squares per screen.  Maximum score = 40 squares x 6 balls = 2400.  A free game is given at 2000 points.

Magic Squares (1 player version) / Wipe Out (Single)
Same as “magic squares 2 or 4”, except a solid wall is placed at the opposite end of the screen from the player.  This is a fun solitaire version of the game.  My high score is 2330 (out of 2400).

Wallball (Gravity Match)
Version where the ball bounces like a basketball. Either a very wild game or unplayable depending on how you look at it.

Bugs / Features:

Unplug unit for free game
When the game is powered up a free game is given.

Ball Inside the Wall
It’s possible to hit the ball in a straight line while it is slightly inside the wall.  The sound circuitry plays the sound of the ball hitting the wall the entire time.

Losing a ball during the attract mode
During the attract mode the ball is repeatedly served to the last player who missed.  It’s possible to start a game just as the ball in attract mode would be considered “lost” causing the lost ball sound to be played. Once, during a Magic Squares game this caused more than the six serves to be given?!?

Unending game
It’s quite easy to position the two paddles so that the ball will bounce between them indefinitely.

Wrong looking scores in attract mode
If you play a Magic Squares game and then switch to one of the other games in attract mode, the Magic Squares 4-digit score will be split between the two player scores resulting in some unobtainable scores displayed on the screen.