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Peter Hirschberg
Ataricade - This site is dedicated to a collection of Atari coin-op video games, current arcade game-related news (which is mostly vector-related), and various articles and information.
Tranquility Base Arcade - Alan's site includes info on his collection of games and construction of his basement arcade.

High Score Saves
Arcade Video Game High Score Saves
Save Our Konami High Scores

Electronic Parts - Arcade Game Specific:
Bob Roberts
Mike's Arcade
Arcadeshop Amusements
Coin Op Chips
Arcade Chips - Good selection of hard to find obsolete ICs. Warning: Shipping can be very slow.

Electronic Parts - Surplus / Obsolete Parts:
Electronic Goldmine - Space Encounters Flash Bulbs, 74xx ICs and tons of other stuff.
Epromman.com - Best prices for eproms ($.50 - $1.00 each) 2708,2716,2532, 2732 etc.
Unicorn Electronics - Great selection and prices on ICs and more

Electronic Parts - General Suppliers:

The Claw's Game Zone - Arcade Fonts

EPROM & PROM Burning Services:
Hobby Roms

Manuals / Schematics:
Crazy Kong - Manuals
Arcade Game Schematics

Movies / TV Shows with Arcade Games in them:
The Almost Complete Guide to Video Arcade Games in Movies

PCB Dip Switches:
Crazy Kong - Dips

PCB Pinouts:
Crazy Kong- Pinouts

Repair Logs / Info
Mike's Arcade Shop
- Pac Fixes
Rothblog.com - Arcade game repair logs and artwork reproduction
Tranquility Base Arcade - Alan's site includes, among other things, Space Encounters Strobe and Lemans repair log

Repair Vendors:
Elektron Forge Video Game Repair
Eldorado Games Ltd.

Restoring Games:
PINBALL Restoring Pinball Games, Part One - Save the Backglass (Krylon Triple Thick)

This Old Game - Custom screen printing reproductions and fabrications


Newsgroups / Discussion Forums

The Arcade Flyer Archive

Rom Hacks:
ROMHACK - Customize Your Arcade

Used Game Sources:
Craigslist - Portland, Oregon