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JMI & JEH use in Cinematronics & Vectorbeam Games

The hardware of early Cinematronics and Vectorbeam CPUs implemented an instruction, Jump on External High (JEH). JEH branched if an input from the game's soundboard (connected to J4-10 on the CCPU) was logic level HIGH. This instruction was used only once, for reading the joystick in Tailgunner. Later boards replaced this instruction with a more useful one: Jump on Minus (JMI) which branches when the result of the preceeding calulation is negative.

Later boards include a jumper that can be removed to allow the use of JEH and disabiling the JMI instruction.

I have searched the code of all the Vectorbeam and Cinematronics games for use of JMI and JEH. Below are the results of this search:

These games can run on a board without JMI: (Confirmed on Tailgunner Hardware)

Space War / Space Wars (no JMI or JEH instructions)
Speed Freak (no JMI or JEH instructions)
Tailgunner (JEH)

All others require JMI to be installed to run:

Starhawk (JMI)
Warrior (JMI)
Sundance (JMI)
Barrier (JMI)
Rip Off (JMI)
Star Castle (JMI)
Armor Attack (JMI)
Solar Quest (JMI)
Demon (JMI)
Boxing Bugs (JMI)